Torte je moguće izabrati iz kataloga naše pripremljene stalne ponude ili pak naručiti njezinu izradu u skladu sa vašim željama, a naš je zadatak te želje i ispuniti.



ContentMake user experience a top priority.Prepared knowledge baseWhat features does the software provide? You can ensure that all tickets are captured and funneled through an efficient process, generate detailed tickets and create ticket views, and get the full story for faster ticket resolution. See if your help desk software can track performance indicators such as first response time, resolution rate, and customer satisfaction score. Then use this data to keep improving the efficiency of your help desk support. This data is important because it assists you

ContentDo You Have Any Questions for Me?Prepare your team for virtual interviews.How does the remote hiring process for executive-level employees differ?You Can Interview More People:What Is A Remote Interview? 8 Characteristics Or in a room with people talking and disturbing the flow of the interview. Due to the vast spread of the COVID-19 virus all across the globe, everything has become remote. Students remote interview meaning are learning from their home, the teachers are also teaching from the comfort of their houses. We make it easy